Box Office Breakdown! Beauty and the Beast Opens At Number One With Over 170 Million! Kong Drops To Number Two! And More!

Beauty and the Beast had a magical opening at number one, earning $170 million.

beauty_and_the_beast teaser one sheet poster

Kong Skull Island was de-throned to number two with $28.8 million.

Logan aged a bit at number three with $17.5 million.

logan teaser poster wolverine 3
Get Out stayed in at number four with $13.2 million.


The Shack was hidden at number five with $6.1 million.


The LEGO Batman movie was broken down at number six with $4.7 million.


The Belko Experiment failed, opening at number seven with $4 million.


Hidden Figures still made the grade at number eight with $1.5 million.


John Wick Chapter Two was taken out at number nine with $1.2 million.


Rounding out the top ten was Before I Fall with $1 million.


Check out the full box office chart below:


1 Beauty and the Beast (2017) $170,000,000 $170,000,000
2 Kong: Skull Island $28,850,000 $110,125,294
3 Logan $17,500,000 $184,026,885
4 Get Out $13,249,475 $133,117,620
5 The Shack $6,130,000 $42,614,630
6 The LEGO Batman Movie $4,700,000 $167,423,352
7 The Belko Experiment $4,051,000 $4,051,000
8 Hidden Figures $1,500,000 $165,559,069
9 John Wick: Chapter Two $1,200,000 $89,790,804
10 Before I Fall $1,034,425 $11,295,102


Next week look for Beauty and the Beast to put it’s magic to the test at number one again. Tune in to see if I’m right.

beauty_and_the_beast teaser one sheet poster

Until then, happy movie going!!


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