Box Office Breakdown! Hunger Games Continues To Catch Fire! Frozen Is Burning Up! Homefront Flops! Doh!

Man oh man, Hunger Games: Catching Fire is burning up the box office! Whew! I knew it would be popular but this is bigger than even I thought!
Plus, Disney has a huge hit on their hands with the Animated film Frozen. The Kristen Bell movie is pulling in big numbers and will join the other Disney animated classics!

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The Hunger Games Catching Fire is on fire (as am I) for the second week in a row in the top spot. The sequel brought in another $74.5 million, bringing its domestic total to $296.5 million in just two weeks! Go J-Law!

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Disney’s newest animated feature, Frozen, broke records, bringing in $66.7 over the Holiday weekend while coming in at number two. Forecast: chilly with a side of mega hit.

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Marvel’s resident heartthrob Thor and his sequel brought in another $15.4 million at number three. Disney is certainly on a profitable roll.


The Best Holiday also scored with another $8.4 million. With a modest budget of just $15 million and a domestic total of $63 million, the boys will surely be back for a third “Best Man” film.

The Jason Statham / James Franco action thriller Homefront failed to make much noise, opening at number five. Seems no one was buying Statham as a devoted father or Franco as a meth dealer. Well, the latter is certainly a lot easier to swallow.

Vince Vaughn should start looking into getting a real job at Google, as his latest comedic turn, Delivery Man, fell to number six in its second week of release.

The Book Thief opened to a wider audience and more theatres in the number seven spot. After four weeks in release, great buzz helped this heartwarming indie pull in $4.8 million.

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Black Nativity could use some holiday cheer, opening at number eight with just $5 million over the holiday weekend.

Dame Judi Dench’s indie film, Philomena, came in at number nine. This little charmer pulled in $3.7 million from just 835 theatres. Imagine what a wide release would do?

12 Years a Slave rounded out the top ten with $3 million, bringing its domestic total to $33 million.

Check out the full box office chart below.
1 Hunger Games: Catching Fire $74,500,000 $296,500,000
2 Frozen $66,713,000 $93,013,000
3 Thor: The Dark World $15,493,000 $186,712,000
4 The Best Man Holiday $8,491,000 $63,414,000
5 Homefront $6,970,000 $9,795,000
6 Delivery Man $6,931,000 $19,453,000
7 The Book Thief $4,850,000 $7,856,000
8 Black Nativity $3,880,000 $5,000,000
9 Philomena $3,789,000 $4,754,000
10 12 Years a Slave $3,025,000 $33,143,000

Next week I’m making a risky move, predicting Out of the Furnace will claim the number one spot from J-Law and the Hunger Game clan. Tune in to see if I’m right. Until then, happy movie going.

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