Box Office Breakdown! Insidious Chapter 2 Explodes With 41 Million! The Family Is #2! Riddick Tumbles And More!

It’s the Box Office Breakdown!

I feel like I should bust out into song! “It’s the Box Office Breakdown!” This week Suddenly Susan continues her prediction streak and talks about how much cash Insidious 2 made!

Holy millions Batman!

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For the third week in a row, I’ve correctly predicted the number one movie, Insidious 2. But I would never have guessed just how much it would pull in – a whopping $41 million! We’ll have to wait until next week to see if it has any staying power.

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The dark comedy The Family came in second place taking in $14.5 million, just a third of the gross of the number one movie.

Riddick fell blindly into the number three spot with just $7 million, a fraction of last week’s number one gross.

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Lee Daniel’s The Butler is still cleaning up at the box office, adding another $5.5 million to its $100 million domestic total.

Not to be outdone is the comedy We’re the Millers. After six weeks in release, it’s the number five movie with a total domestic gross of $132 million. Looks like Jennifer Aniston’s fans really will be there for her.

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Word of mouth has the foreign gem Instructions Not Included enjoying a third week in the top ten at number six taking in $4.2 million.

Disney’s Planes won’t be grounded anytime soon. It came in at the number seven spot adding $3 million to its $83 million domestic gross.

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One Direction: This is Us added $2.4 to its total domestic gross of $27 million. Not bad for a documentary that cost a mere $10 million.

Matt Damon’s sci-fi thriller Elysium hung in at the number nine spot with another $2 million.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters rounded out the top ten after six weeks in release taking in $1.8 million.

Check out the full box office chart below.

Until then, happy movie going.

1 Insidious Chapter 2 $41,050,000 $41,050,000
2 The Family $14,500,000 $14,500,000
3 Riddick $7,013,000 $31,280,000
4 The Butler $5,582,000 $100,041,000
5 We’re the Millers $5,415,000 $131,602,000
6 Instructions Not Included $4,250,000 $26,581,000
7 Planes $3,066,000 $82,984,000
8 One Direction: This is Us $2,400,000 $26,887,000
9 Elysium $2,050,000 $88,388,000
10 Percy Jackson $1,825,000 $62,035,000

Next week I’m predicting Insidious Chapter 2 will remain in the number one spot, with my boy Hugh Jackman at number two with his psychological thriller Prisoners. Tune in to see if I’m right!

Insidious Chapter 2 movie poster promo rare logo

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