Box Office Breakdown! Neighbors Blasts To #1! Spidey Slips! Mom’s Night Out Wasn’t! Doh!

Wow – I am pretty happy about being wrong this week. The Zac Efron / Seth Rogen flick Neighbors scored $51 million for the top spot at the box office. Just call them king of the comedy keggers!

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Spider Man fell to number two, dropping 59% in ticket sales with $37 million.

The women from The Other Woman hung out at number three with $9.2 million.

Heaven is for Real is a real hit, floating at number four with $7 million.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier dropped to number five with $5.6 million added to its massive $245 million domestic total.


Folks still flocked to see Rio 2, which came in at number six and added another $5 million to its nest egg.

The barely advertised comedy Mom’s Night Out debuted at number seven with $4.2 million. Perhaps Patricia Heaton should have stayed at home instead.

The animated indie Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return didn’t fare much better, opening at number eight with $3.7 million.

Divergent clung to life at number nine with $1.7 million. Has Katniss finally met her match?

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Rounding out the top ten was the posthumous Paul Walker action flick Brick Mansions with $1.4 million.

Check out the full box office chart below:
1 Neighbors $51,070,000 $51,070,000
2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 $37,200,000 $147,900,000
3 The Other Woman $9,250,000 $61,730,000
4 Heaven is for Real $7,000,000 $75,220,000
5 Captain America: The Winter Soldier $5,619,000 $244,997,000
6 Rio 2 $5,125,000 $113,165,000
7 Moms’ Night Out $4,200,000 $4,200,000
8 Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return $3,705,000 $3,705,000
9 Divergent $1,700,000 $145,024,000
10 Brick Mansions $1,480,000 $18,328,000

Next week look for the prehistoric monster action yarn Godzilla to take the top spot. Tune in to see if I’m right. Until then, happy movie going.

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