Box Office Breakdown! Star Wars Hangs On To Number One! Revenant Number Two! The Forrest Falters! And More!

May the force be with you, always – indeed! Star Wars jumped to number one again via light speed with $41.6 million.


The Revenant was relentless after a wide release, taking the number two spot with $38 million.


Daddy’s Home played house at number three with $15 million.

daddys-home mark wahlberg shirtless flex nude

The Forest was peaceful, opening at number four with $13 million.

Sisters was still bonded at number five with $7.1 million.

sisters movie poster 1

The Hateful Eight got hung out to dry at number six with $6.35 million.

The Hateful Eight signed autograph poster kurt russell samuel l jackson

The Big Short was invested, holding at number seven with $6.30 million.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip veered off at number eight with $5.5 million.

Joy was melancholy at number nine with $4.5 million.

Rounding out the top ten was Concussion with $3 million.

Check out the full box office chart below:

1 Star Wars: The Force Awakens $41,630,000 $812,011,043
2 The Revenant $38,000,000 $39,556,901
3 Daddy’s Home $15,000,000 $116,313,576
4 The Forest $13,088,000 $13,088,000
5 Sisters $7,170,000 $74,879,945
6 The Hateful Eight $6,351,000 $41,473,820
7 The Big Short $6,300,000 $42,849,837
8 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip $5,500,000 $75,608,339
9 Joy $4,500,000 $46,555,608
10 Concussion (2015) $3,050,000 $30,968,278

Next week Ride Along 2 just may dethrone Star Wars at number one. Also opening is the war drama 13 Hours. Look for Ice Cube and little Kevin Hart to reign supreme. Tune in to see if I’m right.

Until then, happy movie going!

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