Box Office Breakdown! The Butler Is Tops! Liam Hemsworth & Harrison Ford Bomb! We Are The Millers Holds On!

It’s funny… This week the MTF Family was dissed by Harrison Ford and Liam Hemsworth of Paranoia and also Ashton Kutcher from Jobs. Both movies… bombed at the Box Office. Doh!

I know Suddenly Susan thought Jobs showing wasn’t bad, however it wasn’t what the studio wanted or expected.

Add those up with Channing Tatum’s recent diss and White House Down bomb. I think we have a recipe for studios to follow. Be nice to the MTF Family!

Check out this weeks Box Office Breakdown after the jump!

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We learned two things this week – one, never underestimate the drawing power of Oprah, and two, I stink at box office predictions!

The Butler cleaned up with a hefty $25, claiming the number one spot.

The Butler movie poster one sheet rare promo lee daniels

We’re the Millers held strong in the number two spot again, while Matt Damon’s sci-fi
thriller Elysium fell to number three.

Matt Damon Elysium photo logo

Kick Ass 2, which was my prediction for the top spot, opened at a rather poor $13.5 million in the number four spot. Was this even a sequel people were asking be made?

Planes is still flying high at number five and Percy Jackson only slipped two spots to number six.

Percy Jackson rare logo promo bomb movie poster

Though Jobs opened in seventh place, $6.7 million is strong showing for an indie flick that cost just $12 million to make. I stand firm that if a better actor (and by better I mean anyone other than Ashton Kutcher) been cast, Jobs could have been on its way to the Oscars.

2 Guns still had a little fire power at number eight, and The Smurfs made a smurfy good show at the number nine spot.

The Wolverine clung to the tenth spot with his adamantium claws.

Just a side note, Paranoia OPENED at the number 13th spot. 13th!! Maybe Liam and Harrison will show their fans a little more love next time they’re at a premiere.

Paranoia movie poster liam hemsworth movie bombs at the box office rare

Check out the full box office chart below.

1. Lee Daniels’ The Butler $25,010,000 $25,010,000
2. We’re the Millers $17,780,000 $69,513,000
3. Elysium $13,600,000 $55,914,000
4. Kick-Ass 2 $13,568,000 $13,568,000
5. Planes $13,141,000 $45,090,000
6. Percy Jackson $8,375,000 $38,904,000
7. Jobs $6,700,000 $6,700,000
8. 2 Guns $5,572,000 $59,221,000
9. The Smurfs 2 $4,600,000 $56,912,000
10. The Wolverine $4,425,000 $120,458,000

It’s no surprise that next week, I predict the number one movie will be The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. But just HOW much money will it make?

Mortal instrments city of bones movie poster rare pormo

Tune in next Sunday and read all about it.

Until next time, happy movie going!

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