Box Office Breakdown! Transformers Biggest Opening Of The Year! Maleficent Crosses 200 Million! And More!

Well slap my ears with jelly and bury me in an ant farm. Michael Bay’s fourth shit stain, I mean installment, of Transformers opened with $100 million, beating Captain America for the biggest opening of 2014 by $5 million! But with a budget of $210 million, this monster will need some box office legs.

Mark Wahlberg Transformers: Age of Extinction character poster rare muscle bicep

22 Jump Street hit its mark, holding at number two with $15.4 million and a domestic total of $140 million.

22 jumpstreet movie poster teaser

How to Train Your Dragon 2 held onto the number three spot with $13 million. Its worldwide total has now soared to $228 million.

Think Like a Man Too took a tumble down to the number four spot with $10.4 million. With a domestic total of $48 million and a budget of just $24 million, Think like a Man Three, Again, Also, etc. should hit theatres soon.

Maleficent showed some girl power, holding at number five with $8.2 million. After five weeks, this magical hit has conjured up $585 million worldwide.

angelina Jolie signed autograph maleficent poster Maleficent los angeles premiere photos brad pitt signing autographs angelina jolie 47

Jersey Boys hit a sour note, falling to number six in its second week of release with just $7.6 million. With a bloated $40 million budget, this stinker needs the Mob’s help to save it.

Edge of Tomorrow fell to number seven with $5.2 million. Live. Die. Lose Ticket Sales. Repeat.

bill paxton signed autograph edge of tomorrow poster

The Fault in our Stars still shimmered at number eight with $4.8 million and a worldwide gross of $195 million. Go teen heartbreakers.

X-Men: Days of Future Past clung to the top ten at number nine with $3.3 million. The cast should start hitting the gym now for the next mega installment.

Rounding out the top ten was Chef, the Indie flick with heart and stamina. This crowd pleasure mixed in another $1.6 million to its $19.4 million domestic total recipe.

Check out the full box office report below:

1 Transformers: Age of Extinction $100,000,000 $100,000,000
2 22 Jump Street $15,400,000 $139,837,000
3 How to Train Your Dragon 2 $13,100,000 $121,815,000
4 Think Like a Man Too $10,400,000 $48,168,000
5 Maleficent $8,237,000 $201,871,000
6 Jersey Boys $7,610,000 $27,342,000
7 Edge of Tomorrow $5,210,000 $84,155,000
8 The Fault in our Stars $4,800,000 $109,545,000
9 X-Men: Days of Future Past $3,300,000 $223,393,000
10 Chef $1,654,000 $19,410,000

Next week is anyone’s game. Tammy, a comedy written by and starring Melissa McCarthy hits theatres against the Eric Bana horror flick Deliver Us from Evil and the children’s whimsical tale Earth to Echo.

I’d like to see Eric take the win because he’s so darn cool. McCarthy is on a winning streak, but this comedy is rated R. Still, a holiday weekend family film could take the win. Unfortunately, I think Transformers will hold the top spot for one more week. Tune in to see if I’m right.


Until then, happy movie going.

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