Box Office Breakdown! Civil War Opens At Number One! Godzilla Gets Knocked Down! And More!

Civil War was historical for A24, opening at number one with $25.7 million. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire was knocked down to number two with $15.4 million, while Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire held at number three. Monkey Man and The First Omen were both pummeled down the charts just above a re-release of Shrek 2 at number nine with $1.3 million. SUGA Tour D-Day the Movie rounded out the top ten.

Check out the full box office chart below.

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1          Civil War                                               $25,712,608     $25,712,608                 A24

2          Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire           $15,450,000     $157,932,103               Warner Bros.

3          Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire                 $5,800,000       $96,966,923                 Sony Pictures

4          Kung Fu Panda 4                                   $5,500,000       $173,687,730               Universal

5          Dune: Part Two                                     $4,320,000       $272,104,065               Warner Bros.

6          Monkey Man                                        $4,100,000       $17,765,255                 Universal

7          The First Omen                                     $3,781,000       $14,638,113                 Walt Disney

8          The Long Game                                     $1,390,000       $1,390,000                   N/A

9          Shrek 2 2024 Re-release                        $1,350,000       $1,350,000                   DreamWorks

10        SUGA TOUR ‘D-DAY’ THE MOVIE            $990,881          $2,200,905                   Trafalgar

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