Box Office Breakdown! Coco Keeps The Top Spot! Justice League Continues To Underwhelm! Wonder Rocks! And More!

Coco had reason to celebrate in a third week at number one with $18.3 million.

Justice League was underwhelming at number two with $9.5 million.

Wonder stayed marvelous at number three with $8.4 million.


The Disaster Artist was a success, moving up to number four with $6.4 million in a wide release.

james franco dave franco signed autograph The Disaster Artist poster psa

Thor: Ragnarok lost some steam at number five with $6.2 million.


Daddy’s Home 2 still had some cheer at number six with $6 million.


Murder on the Orient Express chugged along at number seven with $5.1 million.


The Star was dim at number eight with $3.6 million.


Lady Bird was still in flight at number nine with $3.5 million.

Rounding out the top ten (and opening in that spot) was Just Getting Started with $3.1 million.


Check out the full box office chart below:


1 Coco BV $18,303,000 $135,508,690
2 Justice League WB $9,595,000 $212,060,371
3 Wonder LGF $8,450,000 $100,303,106
4 The Disaster Artist A24 $6,435,514 $8,032,288
5 Thor: Ragnarok BV $6,291,000 $301,156,064
6 Daddy’s Home 2 Par. $6,000,000 $91,159,459
7 Murder on the Orient Express (2017) Fox $5,100,000 $92,707,515
8 The Star Sony $3,675,000 $32,279,046
9 Lady Bird A24 $3,547,469 $22,331,138
10 Just Getting Started BG $3,181,568 $3,181,568


Next week, I’m going out on a limb to say that Star Wars The Last Jedi will be number one. The real question is how much will the newest installment make? My guess is in the $220 million range. Tune in to see if I’m right.

Until then, happy movie going!


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