Box Office Breakdown! Free Guy Rocks At Number One! Don’t Breathe 2 Hits Number Two! And More!

Free Guy made some bank, opening at number one. And who could see Don’t Breathe 2 doing so well? The Suicide Squad took a big slip down to number five. Hugh Jackman’s new thriller Reminiscence, which opens next week, just might knock his adversary Ryan Reynolds out of the top spot.

Until next time, happy movie going and be nice to each other!

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1          Free Guy                       $28,400,000     $28,400,000     20th Century Studios

free guy movie poster

2          Don’t Breathe 2            $10,600,000     $3,527  $10,600,000     Screen Gems

3          Jungle Cruise                $9,000,000       $82,142,554     Walt Disney Studios

4          Respect                        $8,806,106       $8,806,106       Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

5          The Suicide Squad         $7,750,000       $42,884,747     Warner Bros.

6          Old                               $2,400,000       $42,957,640     Universal Pictures

7          Black Widow                 $2,000,000       $178,199,531   Walt Disney Studios

8          Stillwater                      $1,300,000       $12,542,695     Focus Features

9          The Green Knight          $1,163,401       $14,738,256     A24

10        Space Jam: A New Legacy  $1,115,000    $68,082,738     Warner Bros.

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