Box Office Breakdown! Gone Girl Stays On top! Dracula Untold #2! The Judge Bombs! Doh!

My hat’s off to Ben Affleck. His mystery thriller Gone Girl held the top spot for the second week in a row with $26.8 million. That brings its domestic total to $78.2 million.

Gone Girl movie poster teaser david fincher ben affleck

Dracula Untold took a bite out of the box office at number two with $23.4 million.

Alexander and its super long title had an mediocre start, opening at number three with $19.1 million.

Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day signed autograph mini poster

Annabelle crept in at number four with $16.3 million. That may be a significant drop, but with a domestic total of $62 million so far and a tiny budget of $6.5 million, a sequel is quite plausible.

annabelle movie poster promo

The Robert Downey Jr. drama / Oscar hopeful The Judge was sentenced to the number five spot with just $13.3 million. RDJ without the Iron Man suit equals luke warm ticket sales.

The Equalizer took a hit and dropped to number six with $9.7 million. Its profit margin may not be huge, but Sony has already green lit a sequel.

The indie drama Addicted opened at number seven with $7.6 million. Not too shabby considering its playing on only 846 screens.

The Maze Runner lost its way at number eight with $7.5 million. Its worldwide total has hit $223 million. With a budget of $34 million, a sequel is definitely a financially smart move.

The Boxtrolls hid at number nine with $6.6 million. A budget of $60 million and a domestic total of $41 million equals an animated disaster for Focus Studios.

Rounding out the top ten with $2.9 million was Nic Cage’s biblical apocalyptic action thriller Left Behind. That’s one sentence I never thought I’d need to write.

Check out the full box office chart below:

1 Gone Girl $26,800,000 $78,281,000
2 Dracula Untold $23,457,000 $23,457,000
3 Alexander and… $19,100,000 $19,100,000
4 Annabelle $16,365,000 $62,156,000
5 The Judge $13,330,000 $13,330,000
6 The Equalizer $9,725,000 $79,885,000
7 Addicted $7,600,000 $7,600,000
8 The Maze Runner $7,500,000 $83,840,000
9 The Boxtrolls $6,676,000 $41,032,000
10 Left Behind (2014) $2,909,000 $10,920,000

Next week Brad Pitt takes on Nicholas Sparks’ The Best of Me and an animated Channing Tatum in The Book of Life. I’m predicting Fury will blow holes in the competition. Tune into see if I’m right.

brad-pitt-gets-tanked-in-a-new-image-from-fury-164059-a-1402062728-1000-667 2
Until then, happy movie going!

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