Box Office Breakdown! Jackass Forever Gets The Top Spot! Spidey Is Finally Dethroned! Scream Drops! And More!

Finally, we have some new blood at the box office. Jackass Forever opened at number one with $23.5 million. Newcomer Moonfall opened at number two with $10 million. We also saw Redeeming Love open at number seven while the middle ground stayed the same. The indie flick The Wolf and the Lion rounded out the top ten.

Until next time, happy movie going and be nice to each other!

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1          Jackass Forever                         $23,500,000                 $23,500,000     Paramount Pictures

2          Moonfall                                  $10,005,000                 $10,005,000     Lionsgate

3          Spider-Man: No Way Home       $9,600,000                   $748,951,607   Sony Pictures

4          Scream                                     $4,730,256                   $68,940,000     Paramount Pictures

5          Sing 2                                       $4,170,000                   $139,577,925   Universal Pictures

6          The King’s Man                         $1,184,000                   $35,806,091     20th Century Studios

7          Redeeming Love                       $1,010,225                   $8,076,000       Universal Pictures

8          American Underdog                  $800,000                      $25,882,720     Lionsgate

9          The 355                                    $700,000                      $14,177,390     Universal Pictures

10        The Wolf and the Lion               $675,027                      $675,027          Blue Fox

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