Box Office Breakdown! Jurassic World Roars To The Top! Spy Holds Well! Tomorrowland Crashes!

Jurassic World took a huge chomp out of the weekend grosses, grabbing an estimated $204.6 million, which is the second highest opening of all time.

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Far behind, but not extinct, was Spy, which earned $16 million at number two.

SPy movie poster

San Andreas felt the pressure at number three with $11 million.

Insidious 3 lost some fright at number four with $7.3 million.

Pitch Perfect 2 was still in tune at number five with $6 million.

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Entourage was off the A list with $4.3 million at number six.

Mad Max Fury Road still had some gas at number seven with $4.1 million.

Avengers Age of Ultron held at number eight with $3.6 million.

Tomorrowland has no future at number nine with $3.4 million.

Tomorrowland teaser poster

Rounding out the top ten was the indie biopic Love and Mercy with $1.7 million, moving up several spots from last week.

Check out the full box office chart below:

1 Jurassic World $204,600,000 $204,600,000
2 Spy $16,000,000 $56,937,000
3 San Andreas $11,010,000 $119,321,000
4 Insidious Chapter 3 $7,300,000 $37,371,000
5 Pitch Perfect 2 $6,000,000 $170,715,000
6 Entourage $4,340,000 $25,870,000
7 Mad Max: Fury Road $4,130,000 $138,608,000
8 Avengers: Age of Ultron $3,641,000 $444,743,000
9 Tomorrowland $3,417,000 $83,607,000
10 Love & Mercy $1,765,000 $4,774,000

Next week, look for Chris Pratt and his Raptors to hold the top spot, beating out Pixar’s Inside Out. Tune in to see if I’m right.

Until then, happy movie going!

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