Box Office Breakdown! Super Mario Bros Stays On Top! Evil Dead Did Indeed Rise! The Covenant Stumbles! And More!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is racking up points, holding at number one for a third week with another $58 million. Evil Dead Rise boomed at number two, opening with $23.5 million.  Another newcomer, The Covenant, opened in the number three spot with $6.2 million. John Wick and Dungeons and Dragons held, while the Pope’s Exorcist plummeted to number seven in front of Renfield at number eight. Beau is Afraid climbed up to number nine after wider release and Suzume rounded out the top ten.

Check out the full box office chart below.

Until next time, happy movie going and be nice to each other!

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1          The Super Mario Bros. Movie                 $58,230,000     $434,329,610   Universal Pictures

2          Evil Dead Rise                                       $23,500,000     $23,500,000     Warner Bros.

3          The Covenant                                       $6,282,787       $6,282,787       Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

4          John Wick: Chapter 4                            $5,750,000       $168,880,254   Lionsgate

5          Dungeons & Dragons                             $5,400,000       $82,187,245     Paramount

6          Air                                                        $4,941,572       $41,260,000     Amazon Studios

7          The Pope’s Exorcist                               $3,315,000       $14,938,718     Screen Gems

8          Renfield                                                $3,110,000       $13,622,945     Universal Pictures

9          Beau Is Afraid                                       $2,826,793       $3,147,189       A24

10        Suzume                                                $1,670,000       $8,472,343       Crunchyroll

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