Box Office Breakdown! Nightcrawler Makes It To The Top By A Photo Finish! Ouija #2! Fury Held Strong! And More!

In a photo finish this weekend, it was Nightcrawler by a nose. The thriller took in $10.9 million, taking the lead by just $9,000!


Ouija conjured up $10.9 million in second place for a domestic total of $34.9 million. With a tiny budget of just $5 million, that’s one scary big profit so far.

ouija movie poster

Fury held strong at number three with $9.1 million, but is still in the red after three weeks in release.

Fury poster rare

Gone Girl also held its spot from least week at number four with $8.8 million. This mystery thriller has already earned $279 million worldwide Ben Affleck a hit.

Gone Girl movie poster teaser david fincher ben affleck

In a case of DeJa Vu, The Book of Life held its spot at number five with another $8.3 million, but is still $10 million shy of profit. That’s a harsh lesson in reality.

After a solid opening last week, John Wick tumbled to number six with $8 million. Looks like the puppy revenge thriller won’t have a kitten revenge sequel anytime soon.

John Wick los angeles premiere red carpet keanu reeves 10

St. Vincent moved down one spot to number seven with $7.7 million. This indie charmer may have some box office legs.

Alexander also fell just one spot to number eight with $6.4 million. After four weeks in release, this family friendly film has earned $69 million worldwide.

The Judge actually moved up a spot to number nine with $3.4 million, but it’s still not enough to save this drama from taking a big loss.

Rounding out the top ten was Dracula Untold, who sucked up another $2.9 million for a domestic total of $52.8 million.

Check out the full box office chart below:
1 Nightcrawler $10,909,000 $10,909,000
2 Ouija $10,900,000 $34,963,000
3 Fury (2014) $9,100,000 $60,437,000
4 Gone Girl $8,800,000 $136,602,000
5 The Book… $8,300,000 $40,524,000
6 John Wick $8,050,000 $27,589,000
7 St. Vincent $7,752,000 $19,527,000
8 Alexander… $6,485,000 $53,626,000
9 The Judge $3,400,000 $39,550,000
10 Dracula Untold $2,946,000 $52,859,000

Next week Disney’s Big Hero 6 takes on Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. This one is a tough call. I fear my winning streak may be at an end. I’m going with Big Hero 6 for the win. Tune in to see if I’m right. Until then, happy movie going!

big_hero_six poster

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