Box Office Breakdown! The Nun 2 Scares Up Number One! The Equalizer 3 Hits Number 2! And More!

It was sequel city this weekend at the box office. The Nun II was unholy, opening at number one with $32 million. The Equalizer 3 got revenge by opening at number two with $12 million. Lastly, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 opened at number three with just $10 million. The rest of the chart shifted a bit to make way for the newcomers, but Barbie, Oppneheimer and Gran Turismo still took in some decent numbers. The indie flick Bottoms rounded out the top ten.

Check out the full box office chart below.

Until next time, happy movie going and be nice to each other!

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1          The Nun II                                 $32,600,000     $32,600,000     Warner Bros.

2          The Equalizer 3                         $12,100,000     $61,865,408     Columbia Pictures

3          My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3     $10,000,000     $10,000,000     Focus Features

4          Jawan                                       $6,191,506       $7,562,851       Yash Raj Films

5          Barbie                                      $5,900,000       $620,476,857   Warner Bros.

6          Blue Beetle                               $3,775,000       $63,704,000     Warner Bros.

7          Gran Turismo                            $3,375,000       $35,685,098     Sony Pictures

8          Oppenheimer                           $3,000,000       $315,136,955   Universal Pictures

9          Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   $2,600,000       $111,327,215   Paramount

10        Bottoms                                   $2,051,560       $7,615,818       Orion Pictures

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