Box Office Breakdown! Ouija Rocks To The Top! John Wick Basts To #2! Fury Goes To #3! And More!

Suddenly Susan does it again. Ouija nabbed the number one spot this weekend, spooking movie goers and earning a $20 million opening.

ouija movie poster

John Wick took the number two spot with $14.1 million. Good word of mouth could give this revenge thriller box office legs.

John Wick los angeles premiere red carpet keanu reeves 7

Fury dropped to number three with $13 million. Brad Pitt better hope for lots of love in overseas sales, as a domestic total of $46 million is a far cry from a $68 million budget.

Fury poster rare

Gone Girl isn’t disappearing any time soon. The mystery thriller grabbed another $11 million for a domestic total of $124 million in just four weeks.

Gone Girl movie poster teaser david fincher ben affleck

The Book of Life dropped to number five in its second week of release with $9.8 million. A bloated budget of $50 million versus a domestic total of $29.9 million is a lesson in failure.

St. Vincent miraculously moved up from number fifteen to number six after a wider release. The indie charmer earned $8 million this weekend.

Alexander had a not so bad day at number seven with another $7 million and a domestic total of $45.5 million. Its modest budget of $28 million is the real hero of this story.

The Best of Me dropped to number eight in its second week with $4.7 million. I don’t think Hilary Swank will be getting that third Oscar anytime soon.

The Judge was guilty of being a flop, coming in at number nine with $4.3 million and a domestic total of $34.3 million. Its hefty budget of $50 million was a cruel sentence.

Dracula Untold rounded out the top ten with $4.3 million and a domestic total of $48 million. With a $70 million budget, perhaps this story was best left untold.

Check out the full box office chart below:

1 Ouija $20,006,000 $20,006,000
2 John Wick $14,150,000 $14,150,000
3 Fury (2014) $13,000,000 $46,050,000
4 Gone Girl $11,100,000 $124,093,000
5 The Book… $9,800,000 $29,913,000
6 St. Vincent $8,058,000 $9,189,000
7 Alexander… $7,023,000 $45,544,000
8 The Best of Me $4,736,000 $17,663,000
9 The Judge $4,345,000 $34,377,000
10 Dracula Untold $4,302,000 $48,328,000

Next weekend is Halloween, but there isn’t much opening at all. Will Ouija stay on top? I’ll put my chips on the Jake Gyllenhaal thriller Nightcrawler to nab the top spot. Tune in to see if I’m right.

Until then, happy movie going!


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