Box Office Breakdown! Spidey Swings Back To Number One! Scream Number Two! And More!

After six weeks in release Spider-Man shot his way back up to the number one spot. Scream was pretty quiet, falling down to number two. Much of the chart remained the same with most releases holding their respective spots, with the exception of newcomer Redeeming Love opening at number four. Indie darling Licorice Pizza rounded out the top ten.

Until next time, happy movie going and be nice to each other!

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1          Spider-Man: No Way Home       $14,125,000     $721,010,988   Sony Pictures

2          Scream                         $12,400,000     $51,348,000                 Paramount Pictures

scream 2022 movie poster

3          Sing 2                           $5,710,370       $128,412,000               Universal Pictures

4          Redeeming Love           $3,710,000       $3,710,000                   Universal Pictures

5          The King’s Man             $1,779,000       $31,510,014                 20th Century Studios

6          The 355                        $1,600,000       $11,081,010                 Universal Pictures

7          American Underdog      $1,225,000       $23,132,748                 Lionsgate

8          The King’s Daughter      $750,000          $750,000                      Gravitas Ventures

9          West Side Story            $698,000          $35,051,495                 20th Century Studios

10        Licorice Pizza                $683,357          $10,786,005                 United Artists Releasing

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