Box Office Breakdown! Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rocks At Number One! Jumanji Opens At Number Two! Pitch Perfect Sings To Number Three! Greatest Showman Stumbles! And More!

Merry Christmas Eve my box office junkies!


Star Wars The Last Jedi had the force, holding at number one with $68.4 million.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle went bananas, opening at number two with $34 million.


Pitch Perfect 3 was in tune, opening at number three with $20.4 million.


The Greatest Showman was mediocre, opening at number four with $8.6 million.

Hugh Jackman signed autograph The Greatest Showman mini poster PSA

Ferdinand went bull-isitic at number five with $7 million.


Coco stayed alive at number six with $5.2 million.


Downsizing made cutbacks, opening at number seven with just $4.6 million.


Darkest Hour lit up at number eight with a wider release and $4.1 million.


Father Figures was illegitimate, opening at number nine with $3.2 million.


Rounding out the top ten was The Shape of Water with $3.0 million.


Check out the full box office chart below:


1 Star Wars: The Last Jedi BV $68,486,000 $365,088,356
2 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Sony $34,000,000 $50,605,967
3 Pitch Perfect 3 Uni. $20,451,000 $20,451,000
4 The Greatest Showman Fox $8,600,000 $13,198,731
5 Ferdinand Fox $7,050,000 $26,532,884
6 Coco BV $5,208,000 $161,327,128
7 Downsizing Par. $4,600,000 $4,600,000
8 Darkest Hour Focus $4,105,000 $6,957,077
9 Father Figures WB $3,200,000 $3,200,000
10 The Shape of Water FoxS $3,050,000 $7,615,665


Next week both sides of the force should be able to hold the top spot for a third week.

Tune in to see if I’m right.


Until then, happy movie going!


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