Box Office Breakdown! Suicide Squad Rocks Number One! Jason Bourne Number Two! Bad Moms Holds! And More!

Suicide Squad killed it, opening at number one with $135 million.

suicide_squad movie poster one sheet suicide_squad movie poster one sheet

Jason Bourne was uncovered at number two with $22.7 million.


Bad Moms were good, holding at number three with $14.2 million.


The Secret Life of Pets behaved, holding at number four with $11.5 million.

secret life of pets logo poster promo 1

Star Trek Beyond used warp speed to number five with $10.2 million.

Star Trek Beyond trailer logo first look 4

Nine Lives was unlucky, opening at number six with $6.5 million. (really Kevin Spacey?)


Lights Out was dimmed at number seven with $6.0 million.


Nerve was dared to hold number eight with $4.9 million.


Ghostbusters was ghastly at number nine with $4.8 million.

Dan Aykroyd signed autograph ghostbusters poster

Rounding out the top ten was Ice Age Collision Course with $4.3 million.


Check out the full box office chart below:


1 Suicide Squad $135,105,000 $135,105,000
2 Jason Bourne $22,710,000 $103,416,020
3 Bad Moms $14,204,000 $51,050,830
4 The Secret Life of Pets $11,560,000 $319,578,780
5 Star Trek Beyond $10,200,000 $127,901,364
6 Nine Lives (2016) $6,500,000 $6,500,000
7 Lights Out $6,005,000 $54,714,252
8 Nerve $4,900,000 $26,888,794
9 Ghostbusters (2016) $4,800,000 $116,711,936
10 Ice Age: Collision Course $4,300,000 $53,539,797


Next week Pete’s Dragon and the raunchy animated Sausage Party open, but look for the crazy cast of Suicide Squad to stay on top. Tune into see if I’m right.

suicide_squad movie poster one sheet suicide_squad movie poster one sheet

Until then, happy movie going!

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