Box Office Breakdown! Turtles Rule! Cowabunga! Giver Flops! Expendables Tumbles! And More!

Those wacky and horrifyingly buff Ninja Turtles slayed the newcomers at this weekend’s box office, holding the top spot with $28.4 million.

Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy held their spot at number two with $24.7 million for a domestic total of $222 million in just three weeks.


Let’s Be Cops opened at number three, capturing $17.7 million. Their modest budget of just $17 million means they broke even the first week of release. Not too shabby.

The Expendables 3 bombed, opening at number four with $16.2 million. That’s $12 million less than their last sequel. This mission is over boys.

Expendables 3 Warhol

The Giver didn’t receive much in the way of sales, opening at number five with just $12.7 million. With a relatively small budget of $25 million, they just might see a little profit.

Into the Storm was swept down to number six with $7.7 million. Their forecast – cloudy with a chance of flop.

The Hundred-Foot Journey cooked up another $7.1 million at number seven, bringing their domestic total to $23.6 million.

Lucy is still in the know at number eight with $5.3 million and a domestic total of $107.5 million. I foresee a Lucy 2 in our future.

lucy movie logo rare promo

Step Up All In stumbled down to number nine with $2.7 million. Put your left foot in, put your left foot out, end this franchise, and shake it all about.

The indie gem Boyhood rounded out the top ten climbing up from number thirteen with $2.1 million after six weeks in release.

Check out the full box office chart below:
1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $28,400,000 $117,642,000
2 Guardians of the Galaxy $24,735,000 $222,281,000
3 Let’s Be Cops $17,700,000 $26,107,000
4 The Expendables 3 $16,200,000 $16,200,000
5 The Giver $12,760,000 $12,760,000
6 Into The Storm $7,720,000 $31,341,000
7 The Hundred-Foot Journey $7,109,000 $23,619,000
8 Lucy $5,317,000 $107,537,000
9 Step Up All In $2,700,000 $11,849,000
10 Boyhood $2,150,000 $13,801,000

I need to put more thought and get back on a winning streak. Next week has another teen tear jerker battling Frank Miller and a football drama. I’m confident Sin City a Dame to Kill For will take the top spot. Tune in to see if I’m right.

sin city a dame to kill for

Until then, happy movie going.

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