Box Office Breakdown! Uncharted Holds At Number One! Dog Barks Its Way To Number Two! And More!

In a lackluster box office weekend, the top five spots were the same as last week, with Uncharted heading the charge with $23.2 million. The only new films to break into the chart were Studio 666, which opened at number eight and Cyrano, which opened at number nine. Perhaps audiences weren’t thrilled to watch a certain pretentious little actor star in anything other than Game of Thrones.

Until next time, happy movie going and be nice to each other!

Recommended viewing: Jumanji (2017)


1          Uncharted                                $23,250,000                 $83,385,478     Sony Pictures

2          Dog                                          $10,127,944                 $30,899,028     United Artists Releasing

3          Spider-Man: No Way Home       $5,750,053                   $779,887,000   Sony Pictures

4          Death on the Nile                      $4,500,000                   $32,754,766     20th Century Studios

5          Jackass Forever                         $3,175,000                   $52,069,725     Paramount Pictures

6          Sing 2                                       $2,110,000                   $151,204,205   Universal Pictures

7          Marry Me                                 $1,850,315                   $20,214,000     Universal Pictures

8          Studio 666                                $1,580,000                   $1,580,000       Open Road Films (II)

9          Cyrano                                     $1,400,101                   $1,400,101       United Artists Releasing

10        Scream                                     $1,345,214                   $79,221,000     Paramount Pictures

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