Brand New Movie Poster Round Up! Chris Evans in Puncture! Matt Damon in Contagion! Gerard Butler In Machine Gun Preacher! Jason Biggs in American Pie Reunion! Jon Cho in A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas! Justin Timberlake in In Time! And Footloose…

Welcome to another round of movie poster round up! Whoo Hoo! I want to hear cheering people! Cheering! lol…

So… Let’s get right into it shall we… First off, the latest tragic remake that to me looks like it should be playing on the Disney Channel, but it’s not up to me. I can only be referring to Footloose! ugh… I know right. All the artwork, if you can call it that, just looks tacky and just makes me go… WTF! Why The Face? LOL… That was a Modern Family joke… Anyway, this whole campaign is just awful. Seriously, just stop…

footloose rare version three rare promo one sheet movie poster remake 2011 disney hot sexy dancing Kenny Wormald hot sexy shirtless promo

Speaking cheese, the one sheet for Machine Gun Preacher is out… Now, I feel like this is just… I mean really? Gerard Butler… Dude, let me help you pick some movies… The crapfest Jennifer Aniston movie, P.S. I Love You, The Ugly Truth, Gamer, I’m wondering if you even made a decent film since 300… And I like you buddy! I really do! Sigh… It makes me sad… And then I look at this poster and get even sadder… Sigh…

gerard butler in machine_gun_preacher rare promo one sheet movie poster hot sexy promo rare cheesy 300

Now, I don’t know how this movie is going to be but all the posters for Contagion are kick ass awesome! I love the vintage style, the use of the celeb cast, everything… It’s just a well done campaign that makes me overlook the Outbreak-Walking Dead of it all…

contagion rare one sheet movie poster promo matt damon gwenyth paltrow lawrence fishburne jude law hot promo rare poster

Chris Evans should be thanking his agents for getting him Captain America cause he’s in a slew of upcoming movies. The newest one sheet for Puncture is out, and while I admit I haven’t really seen much on this… the poster is all kinds of creepy goodness! Very American Psycho! I love it!

chris evan looks hot and sexy in the puncture rare promo one sheet movie poster hot captain america chris evans sexy chris evans shirtless

The team of of Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake makes me giggle… I mean I like you both but guys… really? It’s not inspiring me to run to the theatre… Red Riding Hood? Alpha Dog? Letters To Juliet? Really guys, but I saw the preview for In Time attached to Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes this past weekend and I wasn’t horrified, I didn’t giggle, I actually thought, hey… this could be decent! I know shocking right? The poster is simple but I like it. Plus, Amanda Seyfried doesn’t even look like herself! That’s kinda hot!
in time rare promo one sheet movie poster justin timberlake amanda seyfried hot sexy rare promo the island red riding hood hot shirtless justin timberlake shirtless

To Round off our poster round up, is a couple comedy sequels… First is American Reunion… Which is near to my heart since I was in American Wedding and then left promptly on the cutting room floor… Ah what can you do right? And this is just the teaser poster but I’m excited to see it. I like the original American Pie movies, but those direct to DVD pieces of shit left me cold.

american reunion rare advance teaser one sheet movie poster promo jason biggs alyson hannigan sean william scott hot sexy promo american wedding

Finally, we have A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas. Okay guys, that’s it, thanks for reading… LOL… You know I liked the original Harold and Kumar, didn’t like the second, so who knows how this will be. Especially now that Jon Cho is in Star Trek and the other dude was working at the White House… Not White Castle… lol… The poster is again just a teaser but it’s fun. I’m getting the munchies just looking at it!
a very_harold_and_kumar_christmas rare promo one sheet movie poster promo hot sexy jon cho rare harold and kumar go to white castle

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