Brand New True Grit Movie Posters are out, with Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and more!

True Grit Jeff Bridges Matt Damon Josh Brolin movie poster individual new hot Coen Brothers

As you may know, or have figured out, I am a movie poster afficianado… I love them, I love the artwork, I love artistry that goes into making a really kick ass poster… I know it’s all about marketing, but at the same time there is an art to making a great poster… Anyway, the new posters for the Coen Brothers True Grit just came out, and I love them… I love the grunge, I love the style, I love it all… Plus, I’m so glad Jeff Bridges is working more and more! I don’t love the remakes however… but I’m excited for this one! Take a look at all the individual posters after the jump… And I’m not even a Western fan!

True Grit 2011 Individual movie poster mini Jeff Bridges Coen Brothers

True Grit Matt Damon Coen Brothers Individual Movie Poster  Coen Bros

True Grit John Borlin Movie poster individual mini coen bros coen brothers

Hailee Steinfeld True Grit Movie Poster Individual 2011 coen bros coen brothers mini poster

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