British Songstress Adele Covers the May 2011 Issue of Rolling Stone Magazine!

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Ask me how much I love British Soul Songstress Ms. Adele? Go ahead, ask it’s cool. Well since you asked… I LOVE HER! 21 is one of the best albums of 2011 by far, and I’m sure it will be poised to win multiple Grammy Awards. I love her for many reasons, her voice, her ever improved songwriting, and the sheer power in her vocals. I guess I would say her resonance is the best way to describe it.

Anyway, the lovely Adele is on the cover of next month’s Rolling Stone the May 2011 issue, and it’s stunning. In the issue she talks about how she doesn’t fit into the standard pop star mold, her strained relationship with her father and her stage fright.

I heart her!
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adele magazine cover rare rolling stone may 2011 issue chasing pavements rolling in the deep hot rare 21 19 album artwork

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