Buffy The Vampire Slayer Reunion Selfies! Nicholas Brendon! Eliza Dushku! Emma Caulfield! Charisma Carpenter!

Who doesn’t love a good Buffy reunion? The iconic 1990’s series is one of the best shows to ever hit the airwaves and one of my personal favorites! Swoon!

E! has a couple great shots of a couple small reunions. Emma Caulfield and Nicholas Brendon AKA Anya and Xander reunited at a Comic Con in Australia. How cute is this picture. And damn, both of them look better then when they were on the show! Emma Caulfield is radiant and Nicholas Brendon let his inner hottie out!

Emma Caulfield nicholas brendon selfie reunion buffy

As a side note, so stoked Anya has returned in the comics just saying.

And as an added bonus, Charisma Carpenter and Eliza Dushku also posted this adorbs selfie. The two stars were in Salk Lake City at a con as well. Man oh man…

It’s all Buffy all the time!

Loving it!

eliza dushku charisma carpenter selfie salt lake city hot

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