C2E2 Cosplay! Cosplayers go all out! X-Men! Avengers! Batman! Game of Thrones! And so, so much more!

It’s a wrap on another fun-filled weekend at C2E2! Sponsored by Wikia, this year’s edition included the inaugural Crown Champions of Cosplay which featured an HUGE prize purse. What kind of cosplay does a prize purse worth $10,000 attract? Some really amazing fun!

Where there are comics, there are heroes!

This year, a lot of cosplayers went old-school with a lot of classic X-Men:

X-men group

Classic X men



Kitty Pride

Rogue was quite popular this year…


Rogue and Gambit

…as was Gambit. Check out the glowing ace he has in his hand!

Gambit and Logan

(Love this Logan with a Wolverine mini-me!)

Wolverine and mini

Good thing we had so many X-Men since the sentinels were about…


The Avengers also represented!

Marvel universe

Avenger family

Ant Man

Cap and Winter Solider

Winter Soldier

Iron Man

S.H.I.E.L.D. also made an appearance led by an absolutely bad-ass Nick Fury

Nick Fury

Agent Carter

The Thing spent some time clobbering…


…while some of the Guardians of the Galaxy stopped by before the movie comes out this summer!


Rocket Racoon

And what’s Marvel without a cameo by Stan Lee?

Stan Lee

From the DC world, we have the lovely Yaya Han as Batgirl…


…and a whole lot of looks for Wonder Woman!


WW Roller Derby

Medieval Fett & WW

WW and Batman Fett

She also signed autographs for young fans — she is technically a princess after all!
WW autograph

Otherwise, the DC villains out numbered the DC heroes!

Batman villians

Batman and Joker

Deathstroke and Canary

Scarecrow Catwoman and Bane

And, well, you can’t have cosplay without Star Wars!

Gamorrian Guard

Death Star


Admiral Piett

The biggest groups had to be for Game of Thrones – the show has some 30 characters and we got most of them here this weekend! (Check out Tyrion!)

Got group

GoT group 3

Got group 2

GoT Brienne and Bear

Note that the Lannisters always pay their debts (even if they have to stop at the ATM)…

GoT Lannister

Folks from the shire to Mount Doom visited from Middle Earth!



Witch King and Bilbo

We also had a great variety of cult characters:

Shaun of the Dead


Doctor Hooves


From the world of animation, we had princess, warriors, a sorceress…and an old (?) man!






Samurai Jack


Let the wild rumpus start!! A simply adorable Max from Where The Wild Things Are!


One theme I was happy to see — a look to 80’s!

Optimus and Lone Ranger


Indy and Mola Ram

Greatest American  Hero

So much fun here at C2E2! A big shout out to the organizers for putting in wider aisles so people could take pictures of great costumes and not stop traffic! There are also some great spaces with natural daylight so everyone could look great!

Whew! I have go crash now, but I’ll share more tales on C2E2 2014 soon!

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