C2E2 madness! The full lowdown on the weekend of fun! Marvel! Game of Thrones! Teen Wolf and more!

It’s time for my re-cap of C2E2 2014! Melissa did a great job telling you about her adventures, but here’s another look at what went down in Chicago last weekend!


I have to say, this show is exceptionally well-organized with a great floor plan which groups comics, publishers, Artist Alley and other genres together. Also, the luxuriously extra-wide aisles made for easy walking even on Saturday when the hall was super saturated AND people were stopping to take pictures of the great cosplay. Gold star to C2E2!


For the comic section (which is a must for a con with Comic in the title), Marvel was on hand and the star of the show with a ton of giveaways…

Marvel happy hour


… and artist and author signings…



…and costume contests!


Generalissimo Stan Lee was also around for a signing. I did see him walk the floor with security and a trail of about 40 fans chasing him! For a 90 year old man, he’s really spry and I didn’t get a picture. But it’s not a con if you don’t get to see Stan Lee!

There’s also a huge artist alley was also really impressive which featured lots of fan favorites…



…and live drawing demonstrations.


C2E2 also groups the more edgy, collectable, pop art designs/artists into an area they call The Block.


This year, they also had Secret Walls which is a live art battle where two artists go head to head with the crowd’s applause crowning the winner. Let’s hear it for Shawn of Shawnimals (on the right) who beat out Mister Switch on Sunday!


There were quite a few publishers on hand including Penguin who was really generous with the giveaways. Penguin also brought out several authors for multiple panels and signings!

L to R: Kerrelyn Sparks (Love at Stake series), Lauren Roy (Night Owls) and Kevin Hearne (Iron Druid Chronicals)

L to R: Kerrelyn Sparks (Love at Stake series), Lauren Roy (Night Owls) and Kevin Hearne (Iron Druid Chronicals)

L to R: Chloe Neill (Chicagoland Vampires) and Jacqueline Carey (Agent of Hel series)

L to R: Chloe Neill (Chicagoland Vampires) and Jacqueline Carey (Agent of Hel series)

Quirk was also on hand with several signings including Ian Doescher of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars and William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back.


In Fan Village, C2E2 gathered the fan groups so stormtroopers, Lego builders and aliens and the art show could have a fun lounge to rest.





And, of course, there were celebrities! Tyler Posey was around to represent for the wolves…


…while Chandler Riggs represented for the walkers.


From Westeros, we had Nat Tena (Osha) grooving to some 80’s tunes and Kristian Nairn (Hodor) commenting that he would DJ a better mix…




Alfie Allen (not Theon or Reek) was also happily meeting fans.

Alfie - cropped

A super-friendly Nicholas Brendon greeted Buffy fans. (Xander with both eyes!)


Ernie Hudson was on call with the Ecto-Mobile!


Staley Da Bear, the Chicago Bears mascot, was also visiting since a few football players have their own comics.


Unfortunately Staley was also looking for a snack…


You can always grab a cold one at C2E2 – including a brew specially crafted for this con!



Not enough for you? Why not audition for a new reality TV show?


Or maybe find your soul mate? Warning: Don’t walk by the queue if you don’t want to be thoroughly checked out by the people waiting in line!


Besides having some great cosplay due to the huge Crown Champions of Cosplay competition, there were also some make-up artists doing live sculpting and application demonstrations which made me realize that I don’t ever want to wear full prosthetics. The application began at the start of the con and completed only at the end of the day. They look fabulous, but I would get so stiff from siting through the application process!



So there’s always something for everyone at C2E2! It’s great since there’s plenty to see and do, but not so crazy that you can’t spend time with friends! Whew! Another C2E2 is in the books!

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