Cancellations! NBC Isn’t Ordering Anymore Heroes! Reboot Series Heroes Reborn Will End After The Finale Next Week!

TV Line has just announced that NBC is not going to be going with more Heroes now or possibly in the future.

Heroes Reborn Killing Off Major Original Cast Member Before The New Series Debuts?

Heroes Reborn, the reboot of the sci-fi series was always planned for a one season event series, however there was room for more chapters if it was on point creatively and the ratings were good.

Heroes reborn

At the TCA’s NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt said:

“As far as I know there are no more incarnations of Heroes coming, it was always the plan to do just one season. Unless [series creator] Tim [Kring] woke up one day and said, ‘Oh, I have another chapter to tell.”

He then added….

“I think we’re coming to the end… of the world, maybe,” Greenblatt added with a smirk. “Stay tuned.”

Heroes Reborn sword

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