Cancellations! NBC Sacks The Coach Reboot After Watching The Pilot Episode! Doh!


NBC is showing Coach the door!

The revival series, which was supposed to pick up after Coach Hayden Fox as he comes out of retirement to help his son coach an Ivy League football team.

coach cast photo logo title rare
At least two original cast members were set to return for the series, Craig T. Nelson and Bill Fagerbakke.

The show was given a 13 episode straight to series order for mid season and they shot a pilot episode.

Sadly, it looks like the pilot wasn’t up to snuff as NBC is saying goodbye to the revival. Apparently, people called the pilot, “Dated” and “not up to snuff.”

coach cast photo logo title rare

The producers and Universal TV are shopping the project to other places and Netflix has been responsive according to Deadline.

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