Manic Mondays! Pinky Can’t Buy Me Love! When She Meets Patrick Dempsey And Courtney Gaines!

Pinky Can’t Buy Me Love! Actually, I’m fairly certain I have a price for everything, but when it comes to classic 1980s films, who doesn’t have a price for Can’ Buy Me Love! One of the best films ever!

Patrick Dempsey starred in the film and Ms. Pinky was able to meet not only Patrick but also Courtney Gains who played Patrick’s best friend in the movie!

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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here still excited after randomly meeting Courtney Gaines at the screening of A Clockwork Orange a few weeks back.

It’s so funny because Keith and I had just been talking about Courtney earlier that day and then there he was in the flesh. For those of you who don’t know, Courtney Gaines played Patrick Dempsey’s best friend, Kenneth, in the iconic film Can’t Buy Me Love and he had one of the best lines in the film.

can't buy me love mini poster

In fact, it’s hard for me to think about him and not remember his awesome line, “You sh*t on my house!” So. Funny. If you haven’t seen Can’t Buy Me Love, then I highly recommend you do so. I believe in it so much that I just sent my good friend Heidels the movie on DVD because she’d never seen it.

cantbuymelove018ly5 2 can't buy me love mini poster

Sadly, I’m unable to do that for everyone, so you’re going to have to rent it on your own. But when you do, you’ll be happy you did (even if it’s only to see a super young Seth Green mouthing off the whole time). The movie is just a feel-good movie that’s totally ‘80s – I mean, even cheesy romantic comedies today play off films like these.

cantbuymelove018ly5 2 can't buy me love mini poster

Do you remember that lawnmower scene at the end of Easy A? Stolen from Can’t Buy Me Love. I loved that movie so much that I even got a car like the main character had (a white convertible Rabbit) and if Amanda Peterson ever shows up at a collector’s show, I’m going to be the first one in line.
patrick dempsey fan photo Can't Buy Me love cast now2

courtney gains fan photo Can't Buy Me love cast now2

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