One Night Only! CATaclysm: Wicked Kitty Movie Marathon, 10/29 Only On COMET TV!

You can’t fool a cat. They seem to know who’s not right. If you know what I mean. – Mrs. Plunkett, Cat People

I hope your “feline like fall” because Comet TV has gone to the… Cats?

CATaclysm: Wicked Kitty Movie Marathon, a collection of classic feline films, is taking over COMET TV Sunday, October 29 – just in time to inject some terror into each of your nine lives.

The hair-raising tales begin with the Bette Davis witchy tale, Wicked Stepmother, followed by the 1964 classic Tomb of Ligeia.

We then travel farther back with the 1942 tale Cat People and it’s inevitable sequel Curse of the Cat People, ending the marathon with Drew Barrymore in 1985’s Cat’s Eye.

CATaclysm: Wicked Kitty Movie Marathon begins at 10am ET, Sunday October 29 only on COMET TV.

Now that we’ve got your attention with CATACLYSM, our Wicked Kitty Movie Marathon, now we’d like you to consider making a donation to a great cause right meow! Click here to donate:

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