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Throwback Thurs! Love Her Or Hate Her… But Hole Singer Courtney Love Is Awesome To This Fanboy! Go On Take Everything! Autographs! Photos!

For this weeks Throwback Thurs I decided to take a look back at someone, who’s not necessarily bad at signing, or mean, or rude… Just… Different. I can only be talking about Courtney Love. Now, love her or hate her, everyone has to admit she’s a character! Personally,

Jekyll or Hyde! Susan Meets X-Files Star Gillian Anderson And She Won’t Even Look At Her! Doh! Autographs! And More!

It’s so interesting, I had a pretty decent encounter with Gillian Anderson while at SDCC however, everyone… and I do mean everyone else I know didn’t have that experience. It’s kind of sad really cause I left super happy (and still worried that Susan was clinging to

Jekyll Or Hyde! Shirley Manson! Meeting The Garbage Singer And She Was Super Friendly! Along With The Cast Of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles! Brian Austin Green! Summer Glau! And More!

Every Wednesday, I think to myself… I don’t have a Jekyll Or Hyde… What to do. Then I pause… I think and I say, Oh wait! You may remember one of my rants about one of my favorite singers of all time Shirley Manson… Love her! She