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Jekyll Or Hyde! Suddenly Susan Gets To Meet Vera Farmiga And Freddie Highmore! Both Were Awesome! I KNOW! Autographs! Photos! Bates Motel Coolness!

It’s always fun and interesting to see how people react in different circumstances, you just never know honestly. It’s funny. I have heard nothing but horror stories about Vera Farmiga, Pinky I know had a couple encounters that were less than stellar, so honestly I didn’t expect

Jekyll or Hyde! Pierce Brosnan Looks At Susan And Says, “That’s It!” Hey 007 I Know Someone Who Wants To Shake And Stir You! Doh! Autograph Fail!

There’s one thing about Suddenly Susan, she doesn’t mince words. When she’s not happy, she lets you know. She lays it straight and like that. No second guessing. She thinks you’re being a jerk, she says “You’re being a jerk.” Love it! And today, that jerk is