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Iron Man Props! Walt Disney’s California Adventure Hosts Iron Man Tech Presented By Stark Industries! Costumes! Props! See The Suits Up Close And Personal!

What! Iron Man came to Disneyland? Well, Disney’s California Adventure to be more specific. There is a new exhibit that allows fans to get up close and personal to Tony Stark’s temple of toys. It’s called Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries and is pretty epic.

Iron Man 3 Hollywood World Movie Premiere! Billy Beer Is On The Scene! With Robert Downey Jr.! Don Cheadle! Guy Pierce! Jamie Alexander! Zachary Levi! Cobie Smulders! Hayley Atwell! Autographs! Photos! And More!

While I’m back home visiting with my Mom, Grandma and Sis all the MTF gang headed out to the Iron Man 3 World premiere. I know it was going to be a hard long day and I’m glad that Mr. Billy Beer was there to give us