CB Heads Out In The Middle of A Los Angeles Monsoon To Try and Meet Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal!

Jake Gyllenhaal signed autograph source code rare love and other drugs sexy hot rare rain wet bubble boy damn fine

Oh that CB! Out and about he is… Great, now I’m talking like Yoda, sigh… I don’t blame him for going on for Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake is a hard one to get. He’s usually pretty nice at events and premiere’s but still as I like to say, it’s a crapshoot!

CB is off in the middle of one of the Los Angeles monsoons to try and meet Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal. LOL, let’s see what goes down!


NANANANANA CB, CB, CB! I’m going to be less enthusiastic and more of a serious journalist in this write up. (CB note: Mike won’t let me live down getting my Pacifier DVD signed)

(Editor’s Note: If this is indeed true and a Pacifier DVD got signed, no… There will be no living it down, not in this life, not in the next, and not in the one after that. M-)

This is an encounter with Jake Gyllenhaal. I originally intended to attend the Sucker Punch premiere, but Mother Nature said, “Smite thee with rain so thou shall crush their dreams.” Sadly, when it rains, its pours. I knew Jake Gyllenhaal was taping a talk show so I had to try for him. I had my Source Code poster and photo on me, so let’s see what happens.

5:00: Seriously, I’m waiting in the rain. I would do this for Paul Walker, Johnny Depp or Christian Bale with no hesitation. I told Mike earlier, the chances of him signing here are around 1%. (Hey, we at mikethefanboy.com love to cover as many celeb encounters as we can, even if the odds are low)

5:20: Wow, the line is long. At least 20 people are here for him. Cool. Scotty has joined us, and he doesn’t want to get his Jake magazine damaged. He’s protected it with layers of Ziploc bags, can you blame him?

5:30: Rain let up a little, yay

5:31: Rain started pouring, BOO!

6:00: We see security moving and a black Mercedes pulls up. It’s Jake Gyllenhaal, we yell for him and he points over to us and comes over. I’m kinda shocked he’s coming over.

Jake Gyllenhaal source code rare promo poster signed autograph hot sexy damn fine love and other drugs donnie darko entertainment weekly hot day after tomorrow

He does photo ops and signs two autographs for the first six people and heads back.

Jake Gyllenhaal signed autograph source code rare love and other drugs sexy hot rare rain wet bubble boy damn fine

Can I get mad, yes? Do I? No. While I’m angry my photo got ruined and two posters were soaked, he did come over to greet fans. CB OUT!

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