CB Tries To Meet The Artist Star Berenice Bejo To Get His Photo Signed… Or Autographed…. And Wishes Her Luck With An Academy Award Nomination!

You know CB is an odd duck.. This is a man who says his favorite movies are Hot Rod, Fast Five and The Pacifier, yet here is going to check out a small film like The Artist… Hmmmmmm Interesting…

The star of the film, which I freely admit I have not seen is Be’re’nice Bejo… Not exactly a household name but I keep hearing amazing things about her performance… CB is heading out trying to meet the Artist star and get to her sign a photo from the film.

God speed, and with the Lord’s help may you continue to watch quality films as opposed to the dreck that is Fast Five!

Check out CB’s encounter after the jump!


Hello everyone, today I am writing up my awesome experience meeting The Artist star Be’re’nice Bejo. Now, as much as Mike critiques my amazing taste in movies, He himself will admit he has yet to see most the movies nominated. I saw The Help, Tinker Tailor, , My Week with Marilyn, The Way, Warrior, The Descendants all before him, but to make matters worse, he made me sit through the dreck that is Clue: The Movie. 

(Editor’s Note: Really… HOT ROD is one of your favorite films, and you dare to criticize the classic Clue: The Movie! Really! REALLY!)

One of the best movies this year was the Artist, it is amazing and done in old time fashion. I loved it. Its a throwback to when movies didn’t need explosions or sexy woman and stars one of Mike’s favorites, John Goodman. I know, its a silent movie and many people wont see it, but you should. The movie has been getting nominations left and right, so when I saw Be’re’nice Bejo was doing a talk show appearance, I really wanted my Peppy Miller! She just got nominated for a SAG and Golden Globe nomination, and it’s really a two way tie for the for the award( with Michelle Williams).  I had an photo with her, not really expecting much, just hoping for the best, and here I go!

4:00: I arrive and am greeted by a group of people. They are here for the other guest, I’m the only one here for her.

4:30: She arrives, but goes right inside. I have to wait for her on the way out. She does see me and points “1 second” before leaving.

6:30 She leaves, and she graciously stops and signs for me.

The Artist star the sexy Be’re’nice Bejo stops to sign autographs for fans after a talk show taping rare hot sexy

At this point, I’m joined by four others, but its cool. She makes the reference, “i thought it was just you”, remembering me from earlier..swoon. She signs my photo beautifully, giving me a full name, instead of the rushed ones she signed after me.   Did i mention she is also drop dead gorgeous! OH LORD PEPPY!

The Artist star the sexy Be’re’nice Bejo stops to sign autographs for fans after a talk show taping rare hot sexy

I hope she wins both her nominations for Best Supporting actress. She was so nice and she was amazing as Peppy. IF you’ haven’t, go see The Artist because the story telling is truly unbelievable. Until next time, take care everyone and happy holidays.

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