Tonight’s Channing Tatum Disaster! Or Why I’m No Longer Calling Myself A Fan And Have Returned My Ticket To See White House Down!

Disaster… Oh, that word. It’s used to describe many many things. Tonight or today, for me in my first world-dom… I had a disaster.

I get called melodramatic at times, fine fine… Perhaps I am.

Now, I headed out to meet Mr. Channing Tatum. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of Channing Tatum. HUGE. Like, I’ve been a fan since Havoc… Right… Fan. I own his ENTIRE magazine collection, talk about him all the time, post about him here all the time, and I’m sad… so sad to say, after today… I don’t think I’m a fan.

There was a talk show taping and I’m going to get into times, that’s just whatever. I got there with Karalee and Anushika and Scotty and Scott… And I ended up with shit.

Mike the fanboy with Anushika channing tatum fucking fans over 002

Mike the fanboy with karalee channing tatum fucking fans over 002

We waited over 7 hours. Yep, 7 hours… It was hot, and I’m talking damn hot.

A first the line was manageable, eh, forty or so people. Then as time went on and on and on… It grew… I’m not going to say it wasn’t a long line. There was a lot of people.

I brought all my stuff… LOL… But I really wanted… I wanted… I have Channing’s original tuxedo from 21 Jumpstreet. Yes, see that’s me being a fan. I really wanted him to sign it.

I also have the prototype proof print of the GQ Magazine cover, that came directly from GQ Magazine as a thank you.

I didn’t get a thank you from Channing Tatum.

What happened?

Well, besides the fact that it took 3 hours.. yes, 3 hours for him to come out AFTER the show ended. That’s fine, honestly, I can live with that.

channing tatum fucking fans over 019

In the beginning Channing Tatum waved and said he would come over on the way out. Well, that’s what we surmised at least.

channing tatum arriving to the jimmy kimmel live show channing tatum fucking fans over 008

channing tatum arriving to the jimmy kimmel live show channing tatum fucking fans over 008

First the mental giants at the show let the audience leave the show and join the line… In fact, that added over a hundred people to the line. Are they idiots? I mean seriously?

karalee bored and irritated channing tatum fucking fans over 018

Then…. Channing Tatum comes out and says, “I’m going to start at the end.” WHA? You mean he’s going to start with the people who just got there and joined the line? Really? REALLY?

Then, after security gave us a giant lecture saying that he will only sign one thing, we were told… No signing… no autographs… only photos in groups of Five.

What the fuck is that? he signed at the end of the line and we’re fucking getting shafted. We can’t even get a photo, oh no we can gather in groups of five.

Could you imagine that photo? What if you were stuck with Redbull, James and any other of the fucking people out and about. Oh my God… Kill me now.

Then the security said, “You have to put that on the ground.” Pointing to my original 21 Jumpstreet tuxedo. I was like, “No, this is an original costume and I’m not putting it on the ground.” He looked at me, like he was using his full mental capacity and was like, “you can put it lower.” Thanks for that.

I know people will be like, oh you should be happy he came over. No, no, no, no, I would have been happy if they said, “an autograph or a photo.” Totally understandable. As it was the people who got there first got fucked and then when Channing Tatum came to us, he walked right past me. I had to say, dude, can I get a photo at least, which didn’t turn out.

channing tatum signing autographs for fans channing tatum fucking fans over 025aaaaa

And here I am going… Should I be bitching, should I be upset. I mean I think I would feel better if he just didn’t do it. I would understand that.

Combine that with that nasty bitch of a publicist yelling at everyone and then getting partially dissed… So, yeah, fuck off.

I had tickets to see white house down this weekend opening night, I called the theater and cancelled my tickets. I honestly think after all that, I’m no longer a fan. I mean it was just fucking ridiculous, and I don’t know if I can blame him or not, but yeah… way to fuck the people who waited the longest.

I’m just a little pissed as you might be able to tell. And this is my fucking forum, so I’m going to vent my fucking feelings.

I’m not waiting until Friday for this fucking Fanboy Fail.

Until fucking next time… What will I not be doing this weekend? Seeing White House Down. What will I be doing this weekend, putting an original tuxedo from 21 jumpstreet on eBay. Anyone want the fucking link?

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