Chris Evans Graces The Cover Of The July 2011 Issue Of GQ Magazine Promoting Captain America!

Chris Evans is Captain America! The First Avenger…. Well, actually he’s more like the Human Torch from The Fantastic Four, at least to me… But now Mr. Chris Evans is starting the publicity blitz for Captain America: The First Avenger and graces the cover of the July 2011 cover of GQ magazine.

I actually like the cover, it’s simple, and he looks good… but there’s always something about Chris Evans that just seems douchey to me. I dunno… I mean perhaps my opinion is colored by meeting Mr. Chris Evans at Comic Con 2010 during the Captain America signing with Hugo Weaving… He was… well… Kinda douchey.. lol…
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Still, I do like him, and what I’ve seen of Captain America I’m digging. In the GQ article apparently Chris Evans gets the reporter drunk, and talks about how he turned down Captain America several times… Ah, to have such choices… “Do I make Captain America or Push 2… hmmmm”

Anyway, it’s also revealed Mr. Evans loves sunsets… ahhhhhh…

Check out the new issue on shelves next week!
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