Susan Heads To Pawnee! She Has The BEST Meeting With Chris Pratt Ever! Plus She Gets To Show Off Her Star-Lord Tattoo!

Awww. I love to hear awesome success stories and this recent encounter that Susan had with Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt is no exception. It’s no secret that Chris Pratt is an awesome guy and there’s no bigger fan of Chris Pratt than Suddenly Susan.

Chris Pratt was filming Parks and recreation and Susan got a last minute call to head down to the set. Susan just got an awesome Guardians of the Galaxy tattoo with Star Lord and really wanted to show Chris!

Check out her encounter below!

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Best encounter ever is the only way to describe a recent meeting with Chris Pratt. You may recall a very lucky encounter I had a few months ago (after several fails I might add). I thought that was amazing. This was amazinger!

A got a last minute text from a friend that they had spotted filming signs for Pawnee, the fictional town in Parks and Recreation. Then I got another text saying they had found base camp. It was a mere 6 minutes from my house, so why not give it a shot, right?

I grabbed a few items and flew out the door. After waiting over an hour, and being told by one crew member that he was pretty sure Chris had already left, we decided to wait a bit longer. We started chatting with another crew member who was super nice. Side note – his crew buddy didn’t know who Chris Pratt was – seriously? Does he live in a cave?

After another hour or so, a shuttle van pulled into the lot and a few people piled out. I spotted one rather tall gentleman – I know that physique anywhere – it was Chris! Yay.

That same nice crew member actually went over to Chris to let him know a “nice lady who’s not crazy” was waiting for him. He also mentioned I had a Guardians tattoo. He came back and told us that Chris said he thought he had met me before (I mentioned I was getting a GOTG tattoo at that first encounter) and he would be happy to come over once he had his makeup removed. I feel the need to point out he meant filming/pancake makeup, not mascara or lipstick.

Once again, I could not believe this was about to happen. Just the two of us and Chris. That’s called heaven on earth people. After maybe 20 minutes, Chris struts over, wearing a lovely, form fitting shirt and what’s the first thing he says? “Sorry that took so long guys”. Seriously? We’re waiting to get an autograph and photo from you and you apologize to us? The man is unbelievably nice.

Chris Pratt Meeting Fans On The Set Of Parks And Recreation 1

I don’t remember what order things were said or done, but to recap, I showed him my in progress Starlord tattoo. He called it “freaking awesome” and “pretty badass”.

Chris Pratt Meeting Fans On The Set Of Parks And Recreation 1

I asked him to sign the Starlord figure I had. “Sure. What do you think, right on the front plastic here?” Then he adorably asked me if he had spelled tattoo correctly.

Chris Pratt Meeting Fans On The Set Of Parks And Recreation 1

I also asked if he’d mind signing the new GQ magazine. “Not at all, of course, of course”. Lastly, I asked him to sign the Bert Macklin poster, which he commented was “really cool”. I had a few more items, but did not want to take advantage of his kindness.

Chris Pratt Meeting Fans On The Set Of Parks And Recreation 2

I told him I’ve been a fan since “Everwood” and that he deserved all his success because he’s such a nice person. I can’t do it justice, but with the most sincere and flattered look on his face he said, “thank you SO much”. We also mentioned we were looking forward to Jurassic World and instead of the standard, thanks, he got all excited and asked what we thought of the trailer. “It looks cool, right?” “I can’t wait for you to see it”.

Somewhere in there I got a killer photo op. I mean, it’s amazing. I hate my photo ops 95% of the time, but the photo gods were on my side and apparently the lighting gods too.

Chris Pratt Meeting Fans On The Set Of Parks And Recreation 2

And then, as if all that wasn’t enough, he gave me a hug. I can’t stress enough that HE hugged ME. I would never invade someone’s personal space like that, but I sure as hell am not going to turn down physical contact with Chris Pratt.

He thanked us over and over as he left, and we said goodbye.

It does not get any better than that and it does not get any kinder than Chris Pratt. The only words left to describe that evening are sigh, swoon, thunk, drool, bigger sigh.

Chris Pratt signed GQ Magazine  Meeting Fans On The Set Of Parks And Recreation 5

Chris Pratt signed star lord action figure Meeting Fans On The Set Of Parks And Recreation 6

Chris Pratt bert mackland FBI Meeting Fans On The Set Of Parks And Recreation 7

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