Christopher Nolan Announces his new villian Ms. Selina Kyle AKA CATWOMAN!!!

christopher nolan announces catwoman selina kylie anne hathaway michelle pfeiffer

Wow, I really wanted Angelina Jolie for Catwoman if Christopher Nolan decided to go that route. I mean hello, she’s more than purrrrrfect… but this… this announcement makes me really happy. Probably my second choice and a damn good one. I really can see what Nolan was thinking… See who I’m talking about after the jump!!!

christopher nolan anne hathaway catwoman mike sametz mike the fanboy dark knight 3 batman

Yep none other than Ms. Anne Hathaway! I’m stoked cause I love… LOVE Ms. Anne Hathaway and I think she would make a kick ass Selina Kyle! Now there isn’t a mention of “Catwoman” in the official announcement only That Anne Hathaway would play Selina Kyle, who everyone knows becomes/is Catwoman… Soooooo This is exciting news….

anne hathaway catwoman dark knight christopher nolan rare poster sexy mark selinger

Also in the same press release it was announced that Inception actor Tom Hardy who apparently is shirtless and naked any chance he gets will play Bane another villain who at some point breaks Bruce Wayne’s back in the comics. I have no idea who he ties into Selina Kyle cause the last time Bane was onscreen in the overly crappy Batman and Robin he was with Poison Ivy… sooooo… I guess we shall see…

tom hardy shirtless naked Bane Dark Knight Batman Christopher Nolan rare

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