Chuck, Our Man In Texas Gets To Meet Breakfast Club Star Emilio Estevez and His Father Martin Sheen!

“Don’t You… Forget About Me… Don’t… DON’T you…” see, every time I even think about someone who starred in the Breakfast Club I suddenly hear Simple Minds playing… It’s like an Ipod plugged into my brain. I can’t help it. It happens with a lot of classic films I love, like Clue: The Movie, Clueless, Stand By Me, Princess Bride, and more films that CB has yet to see.

Anyway, our man in Texas, Chuck has the fortune of meeting Mr. Emilio Estevez and his father Martin Sheen at a rare signing… Of course he had to drive three hours and brave the Texas heat to do so, but what’s a fanboy to do? You gotta go! Right?

Check out Chuck’s full report after the jump! Congrats man!

Emilio Estevez & Martin Sheen
Dallas, TX
September 07, 2011

Hey it’s Chuck from Texas…again!

This time I had to travel to the big town of Dallas, Texas to meet one of my favorite actors, Emilio Estevez who played in one of my favorite movies…”Young Guns.”

I found out they were doing an in store appearance to promote a movie, and I knew I had to go. I left my home in Houston, took a day off work, and drove over 4 hours to get there. I arrived there at 1:45pm and got in line. Emilio and his dad, Martin Sheen showed up around 3:10pm for a 3:00pm signing. AWWWW!!!!

(Side Note…Why are people always late to a scheduled signing?) But I digress…

the way rare promo mini poster signed autographed by emilio estevez and martin sheen rare promo hot

They were signing one sheet 11×17 posters and 1 personal item. I managed to get 2 of my press kit photos from Young Guns signed, though. yay me!

Emilio estevez signed autogragh young guns rare press still proom I'll make you famousEmilio estevez signed autogragh young guns rare press still proom I'll make you famous

At the end of the signing, I also got a picture with Martin. Emilio couldn’t get out there quick enough.

I then drove the long trek home, tired, but happy!!!!!

chuck mike the fanboy fan posing for a fanboy fan photo with the west wing star martin sheen signed autograph rare promo

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