Chuck Our Man In Texas Recaps The End Of 2011 With Abigail Breslin! Kyle McLachlan! Morris Chestnut!

Chuck our man in Texas sent in a brief summary of a few encounters from the end of 2011! Chuck was fortunate enough to meet Abigail Breslin, one of my personal favorites from Desperate Housewives and Showgirls Mr. Kyle McLachlan and Morris Chestnut!

It’s always great to hear from Chuck, so this is a treat!

Check out Chuck’s brief recap after the jump!


Hey Mike, been a while since I have had the chance to post…been working a lot. But wanted to share some nice pics I have gotten with celebs in the past few months.

Have a Happy New Year, and here’s to collecting in 2012!

Chuck from Texas

Pictures with Abigail Breslin!

abigail breslin from little miss sunshine and new years eve posing for a fan photo

Kyle McLachlan!

kyle mcLachlan posing for a fan photo with showgirls desperate housewives and sex and the city star kyle McLachlan signed autograph

Morris Chestnut!

morris chesnutt posing for a fan photo with chuck from texas rare signed autograph

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