Chuck Our Man In Texas Was In Double Jeopardy When He Met Ms. Ashley Judd! Autographs! and More!

Gosh, it’s been forever so I was super excited to see this report in my inbox from Chuck our man in Texas! Chuck was out and about fanboying it up and got to meet Double Jeopardy star Ms. Ashley Judd! I have heard she was tough to get but I think she’s been a little nicer since she’s been out of the public eye.

Check out the great photo Chuck got with Ashley and his full report after the jump!


Ashley Judd
Houston, TX
April 26, 2012

Hey, so it’s Chuck from Texas. Been awhile since I have been out on the celebrity signature path! But I decided to come out of hibernation for the beautiful, Ashley Judd.

She was in town recently for a charity event, so I decided to go and try to get her to sign my book.

I got to the venue around 12:10, and the event was in full swing. I managed to get a name tag, and went inside to listen to her give her speech. Around 1:30pm, she finished up, and I was able to get up to her. She was taking pictures with people, but not really signing autographs. So after I got my picture with her, I asked her to sign my book.

She signed it, and asked my name so she could inscribe it. No biggie.

chuck our man in texas poses for a fan photo with double jeopardy star ms. ashley judd hot sexy rare promo autographs

So I finally left around 2:15pm and was glad to have gotten my book signed, and a picture with her. The 2 for 1 one combo.

Until next time.


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