Pop Culture Countdown! Shia Plagiarizes! Colin Farrell Romances Elizabeth Taylor! Lindsay Wants A Comeback! Ryan Gosling Smells Like Cookies?

Merry Christmas, PCC friends! I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday next week! This week’s PCC provides a plethora of pop-culture presents. Go forth, unwrap and enjoy!

Live long and prosper

Martha Stewart hot photo

Domestic goddess Martha Stewart recently was asked who is the better lifestyle coach — her or Gwyneth Paltrow. “Oh for heaven’s sake, you have to live to be a coach!” Stewart said. But without G. Pal., how will we ever learn about life’s great necessities, like a $258 set of Hermes playing cards or $531 pajamas — both of which made the Oscar winner’s holiday “gift guide.”

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow arrives at the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar party in West Hollywood

Oh, Gwynnie — so relatable, so in tune with the people.

Missed opportunity

Elizabeth Taylor

Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor-Farrell? Turns out the Hollywood legend had a very deep connection with one Mr. Colin Farrell — so much so, that she wanted to be her eighth husband. “It was kind of like the last…kind of romantic relationship I had. Which was never consummated,” he said, of the Hollywood legend who died in 2011 at age 79.

Colin Farrell hot sexy photo rare

Apparently the two had many late night phone calls and would talk “into the wee hours…I wanted to be No. 8 (her eighth husband), but we ran out of road.” Forget Beyonce’s new album: THIS is the biggest shocker of 2013.


Steve Carell

Steve Carrell noted that his “Crazy Stupid Love” co-star, Ryan Gosling, smells like “fresh-baked cookies”


— to which every woman in America vowed to confirm for herself.

Ryan Gosling shirtless naked muscle rare arms pecs rare nude naked

Sounds of silence

Lindsay Lohan_singing

To the listening delight of no one, Lindsay Lohan is planning a music comeback. Oh yay: something to already NOT look forward to in 2014.

Lindsay Lohan  Lindsay Lohan_singing

Beg, borrow or steal

Shia LaBeouf has been accused of plagiarizing, among others, a graphic novel writer for his new short film and could face legal trouble, leaving the actor scrambling to apologize — however, apparently even his explanation was plagiarized! He said he “neglected to follow proper accreditation.” Um, how ‘bout you come up with an original thought and then you won’t have to worry about that whole pesky accreditation process.

Shia Labeouf

Perhaps Shia’s new year’s resolution should be: Keep your eyes on your own paper.

That’s all for this week…catch ya on the flip side! Merry Christmas!

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