Collecting Tip Of The Week! New Markers On The Scene! Silver Sharpie Alternative!

Look out guys!

There is a new pen on the scene. It’s making the silver sharpie obsolete. I have already been out at a few events and this pen is kicking ass in Los Angeles.

We all know that you have to buy 54 silver sharpies to get one working marker. Dark items are inevitable so having one on hand is a necessity.

While the silver sharpie was never consistent, I would use them because I was one of those people who can’t stand paint pens.

I know there are collectors who stand by the Deco or Prisma. However, I couldn’t, in conscience, use those pens on a bigger name. Just imagine a paint pen ink blot or blow up across your cast piece. I would just rather have blue on a dark spot. At least you know with a blue or black sharpie it will be consistent.

However, that’s all over! Check out the new BIC Metallics!

BIC Metallics

They are permanent markers that come in assorted 3 marker packs. You get a silver, bronze, and yellow gold.

While I don’t like the yellow gold, the bronze is the close equivalent to a sharpie gold.

You can get them for $3-$4 at Target at

BIC Metallics

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