Colony Season One Episode Two Review And Recap! A Brave New World!

Colony returns this week with more questions and sticky situations. People seem to be on a credit system to buy necessary supplies; well, at least what’s left of it. Will’s coworker Carlos gets snatched by the Red-Hats. His wife and son hides under their trailer just in time not to get detected.

Katie comes home to a pretty sweet ride in her driveway. I guess Will is back from his first day at work. The perks are already rolling in for his collaboration. She gets her kids up to speed on few of the changes that came along with their dad’s new job. No more going out for school. They are denied of the only interaction left with others their age. Will’s son is especially unhappy about it since homeschooling means he no longer gets to see his girlfriend, Pia.

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Will finally meets his team and soon finds out that he is not in charge of the operation. He meets his boss Phyllis. She doesn’t waste any time putting him to work. Will is given the task to bring in the suspect responsible for the explosion at the Santa Monica gateway. Even though he was merely employed and not part of the resistance, they need him out of the equation. Before heading out, Will meets his new partner Beau, who introduces him to some serious fire power to “pick his poison”.

Both take a drive down to the suspect’s girlfriend’s house. Will walks into the building full of teenagers and manages to get all the info needed in exchange for a pack of soda. After finding her apartment, Will questions the girl. She stands her ground revealing nothing. Being the best at what he does, Will got what he needed from her body language. He flushed the dude right on to the streets. The kid puts up quite a chase, but Will nails him to the ground. And just like that, one rebel down. A drone shows up instantly after his arrest. At the moment, we still don’t know who or what is at the end of that camera lens.

While placing the suspect under lockdown, Will sees Carlos in one of the cages. The fuel cells Will stole lead to Carlos’ arrest. Carlos doesn’t react too kindly when he finally finds out about Will’s true identity. He feels betrayed. Even though Will promises him to protect his family and to get him out, Carlos knows that he is beyond help. The reality being….he is totally screwed! Will goes back to the garage only to find out an empty trailer.

Colony season one episode 2 a brave new world2

Meanwhile, Carlos’ wife and son shows up at Will’s place seeking refuge. Katie immediately leaves to reach out for help from the resistance. To her disbelief, they deny her request for protection. The resistance claims that their goal is to end the Occupation; “The bigger picture”, not assisting displaced families. Katie might start having doubts about her cause, but she remains loyal.

Will comes back home and is relieved to find Carlos’ wife and son. They all head out to get them new IDs. The Red-Hats stops Will’s car, but backs off instantly as soon as they scan his newly acquired special badge. While waiting on their new IDs, Will updates Katie on his new task. Will’s plan is to find Charlie by climbing up the ladder to gain more influence. This requires taking down the resistance completely. Things bound to get ugly since the only person who might prevent him from achieving this is right in front of him as he speaks. Even though Will and Katie share the same mission, they are steering in opposite directions.

Katie goes back to the resistance with the new information about the gateway bombing. To protect the cause, they are putting all their efforts in to hiding the group who aided them in the bombing since their capture could lead the Occupation right on to their own door steps. We keep seeing and hearing the name “Geronimo”, who seems to be the head of the entire movement. They are relying on Katie’s Intel to be a step ahead of the Occupation.

On the other side of town, Madeline literally bumps into one of her friends at a fancy gala; once friends, now in completely different societies. The social class system have collapsed in to two extremes; the ones struggling to survive each day versus the ones swimming in luxury. After getting “reacquainted” with her friend, she walks in on him preparing her a goody bag to take home. He makes it quite clear that they couldn’t possibly have a relationship under the current circumstances; the grass is green only on one side of the town. Sure he proposed quiet hang out sessions, but Madeline walks away feeling nothing but insult. I think walking away with chocolate and wine is a much better decision anyway.

Colony season one episode 2 a brave new world2

Back at headquarters, Will finds the cages emptied out. Carlos is headed to the factory. Phyllis gives him a reality check. She sheds light on how quickly the city came down during the “arrival”; how every defense system went under in a matter of minutes. They might not be able to make things any better, but they could try their best not to make conditions any worse. She holds the buses just long enough for Will to deliver Carlos the message about his family.

Will’s conscious is heavy with guilt. He is torn between the decisions he had to make for the safety of his own family and the destruction he caused to his friend’s family. He struggles to justify his actions and starts questioning his decisions as a collaborator. However, Katie sets him straight; survival of the fittest. Will gets radioed about a fresh lead. He reluctantly heads out. After overhearing the radio message, Katie runs out immediately to warn the resistance about the impending raid on their safe house.

Meanwhile, Carlos and the rest of the prisoners get transported to the factory. They are forced to strip naked to go through decontamination. Dressed up in hospital gowns and caps, they are lead into the factory. Looks more like they are prepped for surgery, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Will and Beau arrive at the safe house just to find it already vacated. Well, the resistance took care of the people who might have jeopardized their cause. They executed every single member of the alliance group to cover their tracks. The resistance won this round. Now Will knows there’s a leak.

Colony season one episode 2 a brave new world2

We are still in the dark about the initial incident, what led to all of this madness. Now that Will is aware of a snitch how long will it take him to figure out its Katie? If we are being honest, it really shouldn’t take him that long especially with his intelligence. Sure, Katie knows the code lingo and wears a disguise at secret meetings (a hat), but is she good enough to fool Will; the trained professional. Things are escalating and I’m interested to see how they’ll move forward with Will and Katie fighting on opposite ends. They are both making decisions with their families in mind; especially in hopes of finding their lost son Charlie. Will is forced to make the hard decisions and the alternate route is unacceptable, but Katie has somewhat of a choice. So I’m not sure if I find her actions being just or just annoying. I can’t make up my mind yet. Hopefully future episodes could shed some light into her strategy.

Who else is curious about the Red-Hats? Are they simply brainwashed collaborators? I’m not quite sure if they are even supposed to be human. Everything is still very hush-hush. Hopefully we’ll get more answers next week.
Until next week, will you Collaborate or Resist?

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