Comic Book Crossover! Free Comic Download Codes! New Guardians Of The Galaxy! Earth 2! X-Men Twist! And More!

It’s Comic Book Crossover time! Jim is back with another awesome article. I think he’s thawed out enough to do some typing. lol… It seems like everyone is freezing is some part of the world.

This week Jim is talking about the new Guardians of the Galaxy comic, Earth 2 where Wonder Woman is an android and a new twist on X-men.

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Welcome back comic book fans so after last weeks crossover I went and saw I, Frankenstein, 2014’s first comic-to-movie event. Overall the movie wasn’t all that bad, the cast was good and the story was entertaining, what’s disappointing is how poorly this movie did at the box office. Looking back at the film and the folks who were involved in production I would have worked the story to fit into the Underworld universe. It most certainly had the look and style of that franchise, maybe all it needed was a Lycan or two and maybe a Vampire to make it stand out. Oh well, it looks like the references in the movie creating a new franchise will never be realized. 

So what comic book tie-in do we have next? Well this weekend, besides having a Super Bowl party where I’ll be waiting for my new Captain America trailer, I have advance tickets to check out an early screening of Lego: The Movie. How fun are those commercials? The movie looks like it’ll be a blast and with all the DC heroes running around in Lego form it should be like watching a miniature Justice League. My prediction is that when this movie does finally hit theaters it’ll destroy the competition and hopefully get some of the younger kids interested in checking out additional Justice League adventures in comic book form. One can dream…..


Now what happened this week at your friendly neighborhood comic book store? Well a fun new issue of Earth 2 came out.

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This is a book that takes your Justice League and skews their story just a bit. Batman is played by his father Thomas Wayne, Superman and Wonder Women are bad guys, Lois Lane is now an Android and Jimmy Olsen is some sort of Messiah. What a fun book. The best book of the week by far is Guardians of the Galaxy. It kicks off a new crossover event running in All-New X-Men called the Trial of Jean Grey. If you’ve been following All-New X-Men then you know the original X-Men from the past are now in present day. Which means the previously dead Jean Grey is now alive and well. Back in the 80’s Jean Grey became the Dark Phoenix and went very bad. So here we are with the Galactic Council finding out she’s back and now wanting to convict the younger Jean Grey for the older Jean Grey’s crimes. Not if the Guardians and the X-Men have anything to say about it. 

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The first 2 parts are so good and tie together so completely that I would love to have more of a dialogue around these books so I’m going to post the codes to my digital download at the bottom of the page. If you are the lucky reader that gets to utilize these downloads please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts of this new crossover event.
Guardians of the Galaxy – TMA9BRD9JBT3

And if you’re not the luck reader that gets to utilize these codes please go to your local shop and check out the books, then leave a comment below. It’ll be worth your time and money.

See you next time.

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