An Early Look at Comic Book Front-Runners for 2019 Academy Awards! Black Panther! Deadpool 2! Avengers: Infinity War?

Comic books have become the go-to theme for Hollywood. Just about everyone is an instant blockbuster success. And why wouldn’t they be? Our beloved comics are already loaded with everything that is needed to make an awesome movie: tons of action, dramatic storylines, twists and turns, and above all else, characters that we are already emotionally invested in.

Between now and 2022 we could see as many as thirty DC and Marvel releases. Ant-Man and the Wasp just hit box offices, and in 2018 alone, we still have Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, Venom, Aquaman, and a Spiderman animation ‘Into the Spider-verse’.

Comic books on the big screen frequently get snubbed by the academy. And when there is some recognition, it is usually a “WTF?” moment. Think, how Deadpool easily could have been nominated and winner of Best Comedy, yet it was completely ignored … and the Suicide Squad of all things was the one that got an award.

But with Jason Mamoa turning Aquaman (who was always the biggest pansy of the mainstream comic book superheroes) into a bad-ass, we are likely to see a riveting big-screen cinematographic event that could land some awards. But what might be some of the other potential front-runners for 2018 comic book movies that are likely  to get some recognition from the academy and other organizations?


Ant-Man and the Wasp


As much as I love Paul Rudd (I think he is one of the most entertaining guys in Hollywood) and the fact that he is paired up with Evangeline Lilly, who is already a Comic-Con legend, I just don’t think there is enough of that “Je Ne Sais Quoi” in the title and theme needed to garner nominations.

ant man_and_the_wasp_ver2

Deadpool 2


Ryan Reynolds foul-mouthed, wise-cracking portrayal of Wade Wilson is likely to grab attention again. Sure, the shock value and clever marketing won’t have as much of an effect the second time around, but the sequel has the heavyweight talent of Josh Brolin as well. Hopefully, we’ll see some sort of Oscar recognition.


Avengers: Infinity War


Man, oh man was this awesome! I have to think that it will be nominated for something, the action sequences and visual effects were just too good for this monster of a movie to get completely shunned. Check out how Avengers: Infinity War did opening week against other MCU movies.


Alita: Battle Angel


I’ll be honest. I am extremely excited about this one. The CGI and ‘real’ cinematographic blend looks absolutely amazing in the trailers. Plus it has that tear-jerker-type, what makes us a human theme to it. Although it hasn’t come out yet, I can see this film being nominated. The cast is loaded with talent, Jennifer Connelly, Christoph Waltz, Michelle Rodriguez, and Rosa Salazar.

Alita: Battle Angel

Black Panther


Not only is this a fantastic Superhero movie, but the cultural significance is huge as well. The combination could mean that we see a comic book/superhero movie nominated for best picture for the first time. Whether or not Black Panther takes home any Oscars, I think that of all the comic movies in 2018, Black Panther has the best chance of pulling down an award from a major category.

It’s still too early to see any odds on Oscar nominations, but after checking this Intertops Review, we know that they will have the list of Academy Awards odds as soon as they are released, so we can check back there as we get closer to that time.

Any of these visually and sonically stunning films have a chance at winning major Academy Awards, but my money is on Black Panther and possibly Alita for visual effects.


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