Comic Con Exclusives! Hasbro! Funko Pop Vinyl! Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Transformers! My Little Pony! And More!

Oh Funko… Why must you torture me so?

With the announcement that Funko was doing a whole line of Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures, I was like yay! My wallet was like… Whoa! And now, of course they are going to have some SDCC exclusives.

Okay, you SDCC toy peeps, I need help with this one. Any of you heading to the funko booth pick me up one of the Buffy variants!

Bribes? Anything?

I didn’t have any luck at the Funko booth last year, Maybe the luck of the Buffy will help me.

Regardless the new Funko Buffy The Vampire Slayer figure, is all battle damaged and bloody and awesome!

Sigh… 2014-Funko-Pop-Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer-Buffy-SDCC

Funko has has revealed an awesome Luke and Wampa set complete with detachable arm! Love it!


There are also Fred and Barney Flintstone figures in different color schemes.




And a very cool Predator Reaction figure.


He’s all clear and ghostly. And for Predator, it makes sense!

Hasbro has the class of 1984 Transformers set! Sure to be better than the new Michael Bay movie.

hasbro class of 1984 transformers set

hasbro class of 1984 transformers set

hasbro class of 1984 transformers set

It’s so cute… Mini transformers!! There are 30 autobots and decepticons!

USA Today had the scoop on a couple My Little Pony figures for SDCC as well.

Theres…My Little Pony Equestria Girls Mane-iac Mayhem Doll


and the Mane-iac Mayhem Pony, which looks quite suited for a comics convention. Notes Hasbro: “This power-mad pony from Maretropolis features a metallic purple outfit, accessorized with fashionable black and gold glittery boots. She comes with Spike the Dragon as ‘Hum Drum.'” This pony retails for $49.99.


When did USA Today start getting SDCC exclusives as news? WTF! What is happening to SDCC!

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